Harley Road Trip 2013

A bunch of guys doing
their best not to get into
or break down
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Day12   05/04/2013 So this is it, the last day of the trip, and all we need to do to complete it is get back from Daytona to Davenport some 100 miles. But the skies looked bad, could our last day be fraught with torrential rain or could we just be lucky enough to avoid it. We were in no hurry to leave which was good b More ...
Davenport, Florida
Miles Travelled today: 129
Miles Travelled so far: 2045


Day11   04/04/2013 So far until now we had avoided the rain despite there being clouds all around us, but this morning did not look too good, it had rained hard overnight and the skies were black but for now the rain had not started. taken no chances we all put our rain gear on and decided to hit the Interstate to try More ...
Daytona Beach
Miles Travelled today: 130
Miles Travelled so far: 1916


Day10   03/04/2013 This morning everyone must have been feeling quite fresh, we had breakfast in the lobby and after checking out decided to have a look round town, so we loaded up the truck and all pilled in and drove the short distance to the town centre and found a parking meter. We only stopped for about 40 minute More ...
St Fernandina Beach Florida
Miles Travelled today: 140
Miles Travelled so far: 1786


Day9   02/04/2013 The ride over today from Cordele was going to be a nice one, the weather was looking great, nice and warm but not too hot and clear blue skies, we didn't have to worry about any major cites to deal with in fact as soon as we turned left out of the hotel we were pretty much going to be on the road we More ...
Savannah GA
Miles Travelled today: 174
Miles Travelled so far: 1646


Day8   01/04/2013 Well last night was a good night in Chili's which was only down the road from the hotel, today we had about 195 miles to ride to a town called Cordele in Georgia, so for once on this trip we were leaving Florida. Yesterday had also put us 1 hour behind as we were now on central time but this would s More ...
Cordele, Georgia, USA
Miles Travelled today: 194
Miles Travelled so far: 1472


Day7   31/03/2013 This morning we were all feeling relaxed, we had had a very subdued evening compared to previous days, but one thing was on all our minds, The weather for the next few days, the news was posting report of severe thunderstorms and golf ball sized hail stone coming from Texas towards the panhandle and More ...
Panama City Florida
Miles Travelled today: 176
Miles Travelled so far: 1278


Day6   30/03/2013 This morning was a slow starter BUT we had to get up early and head back to Davenport to drop off Rory, the wives were leaving for their cruise today and Rory's wife Amanda was not going because of the Segway injury so Rory needed to be with her, only we were all feeling a bit tired. I was awoken th More ...
Perry, Florida
Miles Travelled today: 262
Miles Travelled so far: 1102


Day5   29/03/2013 So this morning we had breakfast in the hotels lobby, it was very busy and getting a seat was difficult, so after we were all fed and watered we checked out and packed up the truck and took a short ride to Naples Pier which was a few miles away, this gave us a chance to have a look around and take s More ...
Ybor City, Florida
Miles Travelled today: 165
Miles Travelled so far: 840


Day4   28/03/2013 Well after a heavy night in Key West we were all feeling OK this morning considering, Rosa had some coffee on the go which was really nice and well needed, we didn't rush and after chatting around the table we decided to load up the truck and get ready to leave but we were all hungry and the bar whi More ...
Naples, Florida,
Miles Travelled today: 215
Miles Travelled so far: 675


Day3   27/03/2013 This morning we got up and had a basic breakfast at the resort, we checked out and jumped on our bikes and headed over the bridge south to the nearest gas station, we had decided that the hotels were too expensive in Key West so after refuelling we were going to head back up North and over to Fort M More ...
Key West
Miles Travelled today: 100
Miles Travelled so far: 460


Day2   26/03/2013 We got up this morning after a fairly heavy night last night, had breakfast at the motel and started to load up the bikes, Rory started to mess around with Brian's iPod on his bike and in no time was blasting the sounds of bagpipes across the car park on Brian's Bikes sound system, anyway most of us More ...
Key Largo
Miles Travelled today: 190
Miles Travelled so far: 360


Day1   25/03/2013 OK today has now become the official Day 1 for this years trip, for those of you that do not know the original trip had been delayed because of a serious accident to 2 of our crew. We went on a Segway tour on the Friday the day before the trip was meant to start, and without getting too much into it More ...
Jupiter, Florida
Miles Travelled today: 170
Miles Travelled so far: 170


22March   22/03/2013 Well there was not going to be a entry for this day today BUT we had a major turn around on the trip mainly because of the shit weather that has swept across the country so we decided to change the route to keep as South as possible to avoid the freezing weather that is plaguing the original route. More ...
Kissimmee, Orlando, Florida.
Miles Travelled today: 0
Miles Travelled so far: 0