We are staying at the Radisson Parkway, Kissimmee
Located at 2900 Parkway Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34747

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Cheap rooms BUT very expensive bars"


It's 22March, 22/03/2013 and we are in Kissimmee, Orlando, Florida. 

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Well there was not going to be a entry for this day today BUT we had a major turn around on the trip mainly because of the shit weather that has swept across the country so we decided to change the route to keep as South as possible to avoid the freezing weather that is plaguing the original route. So after a brief meeting we decided to keep to the lower portion of the original route and include southern Florida and the Keys. So once we had sorted the route we planned the rest of the day, which was going to include a 70 minute Segway tour of the Old Town Kissimmee and Celebration.

So the 7 of us headed down to the shop for our introduction the the machines and a demonstration video showing us the do's and dont's. After about 30 minutes we were off on our tour with Carlos our guide, the first part of the tour was great with nice scenic paths through Celebration, but with almost 5 minutes left there was a life changing sound from behind us. Paul and Amanda had clipped wheels and collided and were both on the concrete path. We all stopped and headed towards the downed pair. We were all horrified with what we could see. Amanda was flat on her back screaming in pain but with no obvious signs of trauma. Paul on the other hand clearly hurt himself badly. His left arm was obviously broken and his elbow dislocated, there was blood everywhere and his face was beat up pretty bad as he had landed badly on his face, there was road rash on his chin and nose and his top front tooth was missing. We were all amazed that such a low speed incident could could cause so much carnage. Carlos called 911 and thankfully as we were inside Celebration the emergency services turned up very quickly as Celebration has their own Hospital. Both Paul and Amanda were rushed off to hospital, those of us that remained had to jump back on the Segways and get back to base where our car was. After a very quiet and dubious ride back we jumped in the car and took the short journey to the hospital. We found both Paul and Amanda being seen to by various specialists, the initial thoughts on Amanda was that she might have badly bruised here back or hips, the prognosis for Paul was uncertain, he had clearly dislocated his elbow but was it broken. This was very soon easily determined by the fact that there was a steady flow of blood oozing out from his elbow, closer inspection revealed a bone sticking out through his skin which was why there was so much blood. Paul was in a bad way or as the doctors kept on saying, "You have done a real good job on your arm".

The main concern was how to fix it, this meant that it was decided to transfer Paul to the Florida Hospital in Orlando where they would need to operate on his arm. But forst they had to relocate his elbow. This was done without anyone being in the room but we were told afterwards by Paul that it was so painful.

Amanda in the meantime was being told that if she could stand up and walk she could probably be released. This was because the ex-ray she had did not show up any breaks. So after her first attempt it was clear that something was still wrong, as she passed out from the pain. The doctors decided to perform a Cat Scan, which showed up 3 fractures of her Pelvic Bone, this was serious and could not be dealt with here in Celebration.

So not only Paul was scheduled to be transferred to Orlando, Amanda was also going to be moved to the same hospital.

So by the end of this day none of us really knew how serious they both were and how long it would be before they could be released.

We could not believe that so much damage can happen from a slow form of transport that has you standing 8 inches off the ground and can reach a top speed of 12MPH.

What a disaster so right now we have no idea of there is even going to be a road trip.




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