We are staying at the Gilbert Resort Key Largo
Located at 107900 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo

We have rated this establishment with a score of


Great location but seriously shabby. "


It's Day2, 26/03/2013 and we are in Key Largo 

We have ridden 190
 miles today, and have travelled 360 in total to date.


We got up this morning after a fairly heavy night last night, had breakfast at the motel and started to load up the bikes, Rory started to mess around with Brian's iPod on his bike and in no time was blasting the sounds of bagpipes across the car park on Brian's Bikes sound system, anyway most of us was ready and we noticed that Jeff had not quite made it down yet, Roderick said that we had killed him last night with the stella's and he had been popping pain killers all night to try and kill the hangover. So he rolled out the door a bit later than the rest of us and after vowing never to drink Stella again we tried to hit the road, only now we had a problem. Brian's bike now had a flat battery and would not start, so after messing around with jump leads we got him going again and hot the road. Today we are heading down US1 and A1A to Key Largo.

The weather was perfect again as we set off, the first part of the trip was great as we hugged the coastline past fantastic ocean fronted mansions, all was well until about 40 miles North of Miami, we hit a huge traffic jam and it was only a matter of time when we got separated, the only thing that was on our side was we were all on US1 and needed to stay on this for about 30 miles so there was no chance of not catching up again. After a while we all got back into formation and carried on, this was now becoming tiresome because the delays and the continuous stop starts at the lights was making this trip last hours.

So despite only travelling around 190 miles we were on the road for 6 hours of what was mainly slow going roads. At about 5pm we rolled into the Resort at Key Largo, we were lucky to find anything for thuis day because of the spring breakers but there were rooms available for us, and in no time at all we wondered why.

The resort itself is in a lovely position and had a great Tiki bar but the rooms are falling apart, I think everyone had similar issues with the showers and lack of hot water. Anyway we were not going to spend much time in them so we showed and hit the Tiki Bar.

The resort was not that busy and even at full capacity it could not be very busy because they only have about 30 rooms, but we settled down for a nights drinking.

As the sun was setting the temperature dropped quit a bit and as we were outside we began to start to feel the cold, but thanks to portable heaters and moving inside to the main bar area we were fine, we ate here and the food was Ok actually which was a surprise.

We also had a last look at hotel prices for Key West just in case there was some last minute deals but it looks like we will be missing Key West this time as they rooms that are available are just too expensive.

So not a late night tonight and it ended as we all one by one hit the sack, leaving Rory and Roderick last at the bar, although I suspect they were not there much longer.

A tiring day today but tomorrow should be better as we head West towards the Golf Coast.


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