We are staying at the George & Rosa Duplex
Located at Watson Blvd, Big Pine Key, Florida 33043

We have rated this establishment with a score of


No charge and a great place to crash, thanks guys."


It's Day3, 27/03/2013 and we are in Key West 

We have ridden 100
 miles today, and have travelled 460 in total to date.


This morning we got up and had a basic breakfast at the resort, we checked out and jumped on our bikes and headed over the bridge south to the nearest gas station, we had decided that the hotels were too expensive in Key West so after refuelling we were going to head back up North and over to Fort Myers, we pulled into the gas station and Jeff noticed a text from Rosa. George and Rosa are some friends that were staying in a Duplex home 30 miles north of Key West and their adjoining unit was vacant, so the text had asked us to come down and join them and stay in their place and the place next door. So Key West was back on thanks to the kind offer form George and Rosa. So now we headed South on US1 towards Key West. at the 30 mile marker we turned off and located their place, it sits on a large lot connected to the ocean through a waterway and boat dock attached to the property, we were greeted with cold beers and in no time we had slipped into a relaxed state sitting around their table outside enjoying the weather.

After we had sorted out the sleeping arrangements we all through a change of cloths on and drove to Key West in bothy our truck and Georges truck. We parked up close to Duval Street and hit the bars, first of all we needed to eat so we walked down the the hogs breath biker friendly bar and got a table, the food was OK and Jeff was enjoying the bars live webcam (again) waving at his work colleagues.

From here we walk down Duval and straight into Coyote Ugly Bar where there was a girl with a mic in her hand ordering punters to order shots, as we walked in we was targeted straight away as we were 8 of us. We stayed in there for a while even long enough for Rory to get a body shot which was well funny.

The evening then had us move to various bars which included a clothing optional bar, which was on the rooftop of a big bar, under normal circumstances this bar would be full of naked and near naked punters but because the evening was actually very cold there was nothing to see, but they still charged us a fortune for a beer, so withy that we left and met up with Brian and Roderick who did not want to go, they were in the bar below and as we walked in there was a group of women who were clearly drunk dancing with just about everyone.

Pretty much all of us got collared and had to dance with one of the girls, but Roderick actually quite liked her and they started to chat to her more.

From here we walked across the street to Sloppy Joe's where the night had started to liven up. We staed in Sloppy Joe's until we were ready to leave, because of a previous night Jeff was happy to drive us so with George in the other truck we headed back to their place.

We got in around 2:00am and all hit the sack, it was a great night and a pleasant surprise as we didn't think we would get to Key West.


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