We are staying at the The Inn Place Naples
Located at 1785 5th Ave S, Naples, FL

We have rated this establishment with a score of


A very long day today 7 hours in the saddle"


It's Day4, 28/03/2013 and we are in Naples, Florida,  

We have ridden 215
 miles today, and have travelled 675 in total to date.


Well after a heavy night in Key West we were all feeling OK this morning considering, Rosa had some coffee on the go which was really nice and well needed, we didn't rush and after chatting around the table we decided to load up the truck and get ready to leave but we were all hungry and the bar which is right across the road from their place was not open yet, so George and Rosa joined us on Georges bike and we rode to a nearby cafe.
After we had eaten we said our goodbyes and hit the road and headed North on US1, today ended up being a very long day mainly due to an incident on the US1 and slow traffic, our route was going to take us back up through the Key's and left of Miami and onto the Tamiami Trail across the everglades towards Naples.

Todays weather was just about perfect, in the high 70's and a little cool breeze to help keep us cool whilst we rode. The ride was kinda boring in places because it was so straight and un eventful which mad it a bit more tiring to deal with but once we hit the Everglades it was cool to see so many Alligators on the side of the road because there was a stream running alongside the highway, there was no real place to stop legally but we knew we were going to stop off at a biker bar about 25 miles East of Naples. We were all getting a bit sun burnt from riding so much today with little protection, so when we finally arrived at Joanies Blue Crab Cafe we were glad to get off our trusty bikes and site in a cool spot on a m ore comfortable seat and relax, this place was kinda cool because it was very laid back, we licked the idea of helping yourself to drinks and then it would appear on your check later. So with just a basic snack each and a cool drink we sat out back overlooking the creek relaxing and taking in the day.
It was not going to last long though because we still had a little further to go.
So almost reluctantly we got back onboard and rode the shortest hop so far, 1 quarter mile to the smallest Post Office in the US for a photo opportunity.
One snap later and we were firing up the V Twins and pushing towards Naples, the last 30 or so miles seemed to take forever mainly due to the fact that the US41 road is so straight and quite boring.
Just in case we were getting complacent on our bikes the last few miles into Naples was to prove a little hairy, some stupid arse of a women cut across me in a huge truck giving me little to no room and that woke me up in a hurry.
This happened just outside Naples and we had been given a recommendation for a hotel by our wives as they had spent 2 days here themselves and only checked out this very morning so we went with there recommendation and checked into the "The Inn Place".

The rates were $129 a night and rooms were really nice and looked like we would get a good nights sleep, something that had not easily been achieved in the last few nights. The only problem was the Internet totally sucked but I remembered that I had a hot spot and 4G on my cell phone so was able to sit down and catch up on the last few days.

We arranged to meet at 8:00pm in the lobby to go off for dinner. We all made our way down to the lobby to see Jeff sitting there in his shorts, now the day had been really hot but the evenings were a little too chilly to be wearing shorts, BUT he wound us up for a bit and then let us know he was doing laundry.

So once he was ready we walked over to the "Bone Fish Grill" But this was no easy or legal thing to do, in a bid to try and behave and not drink and drive we would walk, BUT there was no easy way to cross the 8 lanes of the US41 without Jay walking. So we all found a gap in the traffic and bolted across the road hoping no Sheriff saw us.

We got into the restaurant and managed to get a hight top for the six of us and only had to crash in on a smart couple sat at the end of the table. At this point I realised that I had left my Camera in the lobby and had to quickly run back and run the gauntlet with the US41 again, thankfully the camera was still there and after another dice with death and the law I was sat down with a pint on Jeff's favourite beer Stella.

The food was great and the couple at the end of our hight top were really nice and we chatted with them for a while until they left, this left us in a familiar situation of being the last in the place, so with that we called it a night and headed back to the hotel facing our fears once more across the US41.

Considering our track record so far we were amazed that nobody slipped fell of was run over or got arrested.

And on that successful note we hit the sack, Day 4 "Done"


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