We are staying at the Hilton Garden Inn
Located at 1700 E 9th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

We have rated this establishment with a score of


Great Location and reasonable considering its a Hilton"


It's Day5, 29/03/2013 and we are in Ybor City, Florida 

We have ridden 165
 miles today, and have travelled 840 in total to date.


So this morning we had breakfast in the hotels lobby, it was very busy and getting a seat was difficult, so after we were all fed and watered we checked out and packed up the truck and took a short ride to Naples Pier which was a few miles away, this gave us a chance to have a look around and take some pictures.
The weird thing was that as we pulled into the parking lot there was a group of Segway riders on a tour.
All of us could not help but react and it took us back to Friday when we lost one of our riders to these crazy things.
We didn't stay long and in no time we were back on the bikes and heading out of Naples via a petrol stop first, it was here that Ken needed some help with the GoPro in the truck, we had missed a few days videos so a quick re lesson later we left the gas station hoping we would have some videos for the day.
The route today was a continuation of what we started yesterday, the US41 or Tamiami Trail all the way up to Tampa, the route today was fairly easy going but we did have a few moments where the roads slowed right down to a crawl, at one point we noticed a car was completely on its roof on a intersection, none of us could see how this could have happened but it reminded us all just how bad the drivers are here in Florida, they just don't care about anyone else on the roads especially motorcyclists.
Todays route will take us to Ybor City this place has a Historic section and the hotel we are staying in, is right in the middle of it, so it will be easy to find a bar tonight, I have a feeling tonight might be a heavy one because we lose Rory tomorrow as we need to drop him off back in Davenport.

So we pulled up into the Hiltons car park and checked for rooms, they had 3 so we were in, after a quick shower we all met in the lobby bar and had a few beers, Gary our bar tender told us where to go and after we settled our check we walked the short distance to 9th Avenue where all the action is. We were hungry but wanted a few more drinks first so found ourselves a good bar and settled down for the night, the bar was outside and the evening weather was perfect, probably the best its been so far. The town was pretty busy and one of the things Me and Jeff wanted to show the others was the drag show at the place next door to where we were drinking, so to try and kill 2 birds with one stone we finished up our drinks and tried to get a table for 6, the previous show had just finished and people were filtering out. We put our names down and had a drink at the bar. A few of the guys were getting really hungry and needed to eat and was not keen on the wait so we decided to go back the bar we had just come from and order some food from there and maybe come back later.

Well diner was not great but it served its purpose and we paid our check and walked up the street to check out the bars, We went into Coyote Ugly bar and stayed there for a while, We got Roderick back on the Stella's and in no time he was well oiled and enjoying the night.

Ybor City was pumping all night and we were right in amongst it all, in fact some of us didn't get back to the hotel till well gone 3 am.

A great night and if this night is anything to go by then New Orleans should be as good or even better.


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