We are staying at the Hampton Inn
Located at 2399 S Byron Butler Pkwy Perry, FL 32348

We have rated this establishment with a score of


Nice and clean and well priced"


It's Day6, 30/03/2013 and we are in Perry, Florida 

We have ridden 262
 miles today, and have travelled 1102 in total to date.


This morning was a slow starter BUT we had to get up early and head back to Davenport to drop off Rory, the wives were leaving for their cruise today and Rory's wife Amanda was not going because of the Segway injury so Rory needed to be with her, only we were all feeling a bit tired. I was awoken this morning with a nice cup of tea from Ken BUT the only thing was it was at bloody 6:30am so after the night before that was not welcomed in the way it should have been.
Surprisingly enough we were on the road at close to the 9:00am start we intended and the ride back to Davenport was going to be an easy Interstate trip for speed. We rolled up at Jeff and Leisa's house at about 10:15 and it was great to see everyone again, Paul was looking a lot better and Amanda was mobile albeit a bit unsteady on her feet. We didn't really have too much time because the girls had to get to Tampa to catch their ship and we had to head north and still cover about 190 miles before it got too late.

We said our goodbyes and the girls left first closely followed but us guys. Again the weather today was fantastic and looked like it would stay that way for us.

We stopped for some sun screen because Jeff was beginning to look like a racoon and needed more protection so with a SPA 110 in had Jeff slapped on the gear and was white as a sheet. It was a funny look but he didn't mind anything to reduce those Racoon eyes.

We were aiming to get to Perry in Florida today which would then put us about 190 miles short of Pensacola our following days destination. But the roads up were really straight and boring, we deliberately avoided the Interstate because we though it would be not as scenic as taking the A roads, US44 was n ice but US19 was worse than the Interstate we rode for what felt like hours on a road that barley had bends in it and the occasional town to slow you down. So for the best part we were cruising at about 70MPH and trying hard not to fall asleep.
At about 4:45 we finally rolled into Perry and search for a Hotel we settled on the Hampton In because it looked really nice and new and also the rates included free beer and wine from 5-8pm so we checked in and quickly got showered to take full opportunity of the free beers.

We had gotten some texts form the girls they were onboard and having a fantastic time also.

Right next door to The hotel was a Golden Coral. For those of you that dont know its a all you can eat buffet that serves steaks ribs chicken etc. The whole meal for 5 of us was only $76 and that included bottomless soda's as much food you could eat and a desert. For all of the UK guys it was our first time and the food was really good and great value.

Because of last night and a really tiring ride today we all called it a early night and walked back to the hotel carrying ice cream cones courtesy of the Golden Coral.

Because we were now down to 5 I took the opportunity to grab the 3rd room for myself and try to catch up on this website and try to work out why the images were not visible. But either way its going to be a early one for me also.

Tomorrow we head west around the Panhandle to Pensacola to hopefully meet up with my friends form back home for a beer or 12.


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