We are staying at the Hampton Inn
Located at 2338 Mercedes Avenue Panama City, FL 32405

We have rated this establishment with a score of


As nice as last nights BUT no free beer."


It's Day7, 31/03/2013 and we are in Panama City Florida 

We have ridden 176
 miles today, and have travelled 1278 in total to date.


This morning we were all feeling relaxed, we had had a very subdued evening compared to previous days, but one thing was on all our minds, The weather for the next few days, the news was posting report of severe thunderstorms and golf ball sized hail stone coming from Texas towards the panhandle and beyond. Our main concern was that we had to be back for Friday and getting stuck as far over as New Orleans with weather we could not ride through could jeopardise the trip. So we looked at the map And worked out that we could still go over to as far as Panama City and then head up and across towards the East Coast and maybe Savannah.

So we packed up and headed out of town towards uncertain weather. As it turned out today was one of the nicest days to ride, there was only about a 30% chance of rain and the temps were really comfortable on the bikes. It was the next few days that were uncertain for sure. The route started off much the same as the latter part of yesterdays route on long dead straight roads with little to no scenery to take in.

But once we hit the coastline it was really nice, it reminded me of the Pacific Coast Highway on the West coast. We stopped off for lunch in a ocean fronted local cafe called the Beach Pit and decided on some Gumbo. It was nice to get off the bikes and relax for a bit, the weather for now was holding off and looked great in the distance.

After the usual gas and piss stops we were finally just outside Panama City, we didn't head for the Beach area because its spring break here and it also got us on the wrong side of town to start our North east portion tomorrow. So we selected a Best Western form our GPS and headed towards it, Right next door was a Hampton Inn which was the place we stayed in last night with the free Beers. Un fortunately they couldn't offer the free beers but the rates were good and we were told there was a Chili's nearby and Mexican restaurant also so plenty of choice for tonight.

More to Come.

So this is the update on the evening, we did end up in Chili's which was a short walk form the hotel, we got there kind of early because during our ride we went through a time zone change and we were now 1 hour behind our usual schedule so we were in the bar at a very reasonable 4:45pm local time.

This is my mind at least meant we were probably going to have a long night on the beer, well as usual with Chili's it was 2 for one and Stella was on draft, so I pushed out the idea that we should all get back on the the Stella, but jun surprisingly I was met with objections and I was the only one that ended up on this now infamous drink.

We sat at the bar on the corner which was perfect because we all could see each other and more importantly could get served quickly when empty. Whilst we were at the bar the whole staff members came out clapping there hands and walking towards a table where some unlucky bastard was celebrating there birthday.

Well this sparked Jeff off into thinking that whilst Brain was in the toilet we should let Patrick our bar tender know that in fact Brian was celebrating his 60th birthday and we would love to see the crew help celebrate this with us.

Well obviously this took some time before this happened and by now we had exhausted Politics, Religion and Sports as a discussion and was looking for some light relief.

In no time at all Patrick came out with a cake in his hands and the rest of the entire staff clapping and screaming out "Happy Birthday" to the whole bar, we all still played along and looked bemused along with Brian until they all stopped right next to him and carried on with the song.

Well to see the look on his face, it was a combination of surprise and disgust that we had set him up like this, but either way I captured it all on video which hopefully will eventually get online once I get time to edit all of them.

So anyway I am not sure what time we left there but it was later than expected. Maybe 11:00 pm local time, we did lose Kenny and Brian a little before this but for the best part we were all in there for a fair bit.

Today is going to be summed up as,
"A good day, not too far and some nice scenery and photo opportunities for once"

Right now we are all hoping we can avoid the bad weather and continue with our good luck and keep in the warm and dry stuff.

Time will tell.


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