We are staying at the Hampton Inn
Located at 1603 16th Ave E Cordele, GA 31015

We have rated this establishment with a score of


Great rates, but right next to goods train line very noisy"


It's Day8, 01/04/2013 and we are in Cordele, Georgia, USA 

We have ridden 194
 miles today, and have travelled 1472 in total to date.


Well last night was a good night in Chili's which was only down the road from the hotel, today we had about 195 miles to ride to a town called Cordele in Georgia, so for once on this trip we were leaving Florida. Yesterday had also put us 1 hour behind as we were now on central time but this would soon change back when we headed North East to today's destination.
The weather this morning looked great although there were signs that it had rained at some point, but the skies looked like they would keep us dry today, well that's what we hoped.
We had breakfast in the hotel and checked out and got ready for the off, we started out and after about 60 miles Jeff noticed a sign for Florida Caverns which was only a short 12 mile off our chosen route, we all took a vote and decided to go check them out, we rolled up the the National Park's entrance and we were told there were no ticked until 12:00 local time, it was only 10:30, so we had to make a quick decision because there were only 6 tickets left and we needed 5 and there people getting out of their cars and heading our way. So we decided to go see them, we paid the $45 for all of us and headed towards the visitors centre and parked the bikes, we walked around a bit and looked in the shop, the only thing we needed to buy was mosquito spray because there were loads flying around us.

We sat down in the shade and waited for our turn, the weather had turned out to fantastic today and getting quite hot. Then Caverns were interesting but after about 20 minutes we had seen enough and it was beginning to get a bit boring, especially as our tour guide Frank had a boring monotone voice and he mentioned he had worked there 28 years so it explained a lot.

After the tour was over we were all getting quite hungry, so it was decided to hit the road and stop off at the first place to eat, well about 60 miles later we could see a Hot Dog cafe, we could not believe that after being on the road for that long there was not a single place to eat, I was even getting worried because I needed gas and just at the right moment one turned up but the next one was not for another 35 miles so I would have ran out for sure.

The time now was getting on and the Hot Dogs acted as a stop gap for the hour we still had left o get to our destination, we rolled into Cordele at about 5:30 and en-route I had already searched for a hotel and found another Hampton Inn, so we parked up and checked in, the rates were a lot better than the previous stays at only $89 each room.

At this point we are not sure what is nearby to eat and drink but I am sure we will track something down. I quickly checked the distance to Savannah and it was about another 180 miles, I also checked hotels and thought it would be best to pre book 3 rooms rather than drive around the Historic District and lose Kenny. So we will be staying at the Comfort Suites Historic District, Savannah tomorrow night.

After we were all showered and ready we asked the front desk for the nearest bar and restaurant, we were told that there was a Grill & Bar a block away so we walked down the road towards the area, the evening was really warm and could have been the best night weather wise so far. We stumbled across the Bar & Grill and went in, it was a very contemporary layout with green walls and open plan seating, but the bar was fine so we sat down there and got installed for the night. We ate at the bar and although quite busy we were told that they were going to close at 10:00 pm, so we pre ordered a few rounds and managed to squeeze a few more minutes, but either way it was quite an early one.

The one thing we had not noticed when we checked in was the hotel was right next door to a freight line and the trains kept passing by all through the night with their horns blasting away, so it was not a good nights sleep at all. But a good day and we are well on schedule and so far avoiding any kind of bad weather.


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