We are staying at the Comfort Suites Savannah Historic District
Located at 115 Traveler's Way, Port Wentworth, GA

We have rated this establishment with a score of


A bit pricey but very close to everything. "


It's Day9, 02/04/2013 and we are in Savannah GA 

We have ridden 174
 miles today, and have travelled 1646 in total to date.


The ride over today from Cordele was going to be a nice one, the weather was looking great, nice and warm but not too hot and clear blue skies, we didn't have to worry about any major cites to deal with in fact as soon as we turned left out of the hotel we were pretty much going to be on the road we needed for about 150 miles.
The road was pretty straight for the best part but it did take us through some really small towns, the sort of towns you see on TV but never really think exists. We kept riding until we were hungry and settled for a
DQ's or Dairy Queen for some lunch. After lunch, it was a push through to Savannah, riding similar roads with town after town, some large but mostly small towns that would take about a minute to pass through.

As we got closer to Savannah it got more built up, we were concerned that we would lose Ken but he managed to keep on our tails and we all pulled up together at the Comfort Suites which was a block away for the Historic District.

We checked in but unfortunately only 2 of the three rooms were available, but it didn't take long before we were all in, and getting ready to go out for the evening. As the trip over was only 174 miles and we didn't encounter any slow downs or delays we were at the hotel for a good time in the afternoon at about 3:30pm.

We all showered and decided to meet at about 4:30 and take a walk down to the Historic district and the waterfront.

The late afternoon was still really warm and the walk down was lovely. in no time we were walking down the riverfront checking out the various bars and restaurants. Brian was able to get some shopping done and we eventually sat down at a bar and had a few drinks. We looked at the menu of this Shrimp bar restaurant but the prices were high and every meal had shrimp in it some how. None of us really wanted shrimp so we had a few more drinks, and not long after we were so hungry we decided to leave and find somewhere to eat, well right next door was a cheap place that had 5 seats at the bar so we settled down for some more beers and more importantly some food.

We stayed in this bar for a while and the food was pretty good but it wasn't really kicking, so we thought we would take a walk and find something a little more lively.

There was one place that was playing live music but for some reason we didn't end up in there, so we continued down the street, the night was quiet and most of the bars were close to empty or just not enticing enough, there was a Irish bar that had someone playing in it but it was so laid back you could see yourself getting bored in no time, so we walked on, next thing we knew we had ran out of bars so it was decided we would continue on back to the hotel.

Well considering it has so far has been the most expensive hotel on this trip it has also claimed to be the earliest to bed at 10:00pm.


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