We are staying at the Days Inn
Located at 2707 Sadler Rd Amelia Island, FL 32034

We have rated this establishment with a score of


Cheap and great location, walking distance to "Sliders""


It's Day10, 03/04/2013 and we are in St Fernandina Beach Florida 

We have ridden 140
 miles today, and have travelled 1786 in total to date.


This morning everyone must have been feeling quite fresh, we had breakfast in the lobby and after checking out decided to have a look round town, so we loaded up the truck and all pilled in and drove the short distance to the town centre and found a parking meter. We only stopped for about 40 minutes and walked around just taking in what we could, we didn't really know where to go and although there were organised tours we didn't really want to waste that much time, especially as we wanted to get tour next destination as early as possible to help avoid the possible rain that was threatening to fall late afternoon.
So with a few photos taken we jumped back in the truck and headed back to collect our bikes.
We headed out of Savannah and todays route was going to keep us on just a couple of roads all the way to our next destination. The route took us through some really nice small towns and as it was only a shortish route today we were going to get to our next place nice and early. We did try and stop for lunch but we could not find anywhere really suitable, so we decided to push on to "Sliders" which is a bar and restaurant within walking distance to the group of hotels we hoped would have rooms for us.

We pulled up right outside "Sliders" but could not find anywhere to park so as the weather was closing in on us we decided to try and get a hotel park the bikes dump our backs and walk down to "Sliders" for some late lunch.

The Hampton Inn didn't have any rooms but the Days Inn next door did, so we left our bikes parked under the canopy and all dropped our bags off in our rooms and and met up at the lobby and walked down to "Sliders".

This place was seriously cool it was over 2 floors and had a outside Tiki Bar and it was on the beach, we settled inside and sat at the bar and ordered some beers and got some menu's. The food here was great and the signature dish I had "The Sliders" was lovely, it was pulled Pork served in their own sauce and was really tasty.
We easily got quite installed in this bar and after a while 3 of us decided to to go back to the hotel and shower and change but stay there. Ken and Brian walked back after a while and left us three quite happy at the bar. A guy I had spoken too earlier had told me about a biker bar which was right across the street and we decided after we had been in "Sliders for nearly 8 hours and had a second helping of food we should maybe move on. So we walked across the road to the bar, we walked in and could see this was a typical biker bar, loads of pool tables, smokey and full of drunks, so we fitted in perfectly.
I tried to desperately get a game of Killer going with some of the locals but they were either too drunk to understand the rules or could not understand my accent. I think it was a bot of both, but we did get a few games in ourselves and a couple joined in.
The second attempt after this was the biggest fail we had a group of young drunken locals trying ro grasp the rules but every time we did something different they accused us of cheating so with no hope of them getting the game we quite trying and called it a night.


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