We are staying at the Mayan Hotel
Located at 103 S Ocean Ave Daytona Beach, FL 32118

We have rated this establishment with a score of


Stayed here a few times, always good value on right on the beach"


It's Day11, 04/04/2013 and we are in Daytona Beach 

We have ridden 130
 miles today, and have travelled 1916 in total to date.


So far until now we had avoided the rain despite there being clouds all around us, but this morning did not look too good, it had rained hard overnight and the skies were black but for now the rain had not started. taken no chances we all put our rain gear on and decided to hit the Interstate to try and get as much ground covered before the inevitable, so at about 9:30 we rode out and aimed for the I95 Interstate and headed south towards Jacksonville.
We had gone about 50 miles without any rain and in fact the black clouds were getting further away and behind us, could we have done it again and stayed dry. As soon as a rest stop was noticed we pulled up and took off our rain gear, we were so hot under it as it was still in the 70's and really humid so we were please to be rid of it, the question is were we going to get caught out.

With about 25 miles to go Roderick pulled alongside me and indicated he needed gas so we all pulled off the Interstate and re fuelled. We were so confident that we were not going to get wet we continued the journey on US1 and took in a few more sights along the way.

Because we had only 127 miles to go today and most of that was done on the Interstate we rolled into Daytona Beach at about 1:30 starving and dry.

We tried a old favourite hotel of mine I use during Bike Week the Mayan Hotel which is right on the beach and right next door to the Ocean Deck Beach bar, which is always great with bands and great food. So the hotel receptionist told us the good news that we could have 3 ocean facing rooms for $118 BUt they were not ready so we locked up all our stuff in the truck and walked next door for some lunch and a few sneaky beers.

Lunch was great and the place was packed, we have no idea who is playing tonight but we will be back later once we get in our rooms and freshen up.

After lunch we managed to get our room keys and all freshened up and met in the lobby, we had a little walk around and showed the guys Main Street which was actually almost closed, apart from a few T shirt shops and the odd bar it was closed for business, a stark contrast to a few weeks ago when it was 2013 Bike Week, anyway we went from Main Street to the pier and walked along just snapping photos and shooting the breeze, we had no eaten and it was way over due so we started to walk back to the Ocean Deck to secure a table and get some food. Just as we approached the entrance to the hotel I noticed what looked like Rory & Paul walking down the street, in fact it couldn't be anyone else, lets face it you don't see to people both with busted up Left arms and one of them bald, so it was true the guys had driven down for the night checked into the same hotel and came down to surprise us all.

It was great to see them again and it was suggested that we went to the rooftop bar on the pier, so we walked back to the pier and got sat at the bar, the evening was great the crew was back together again the sun was out and it was a last night on the trip.

We stayed for a few rounds but the hunger was kicking in hard now so we all walked back to the Ocean Deck, we did manage to get a table which was lucky as the place was really busy.

We all ordered our food and settled down for the night, the food was great and me and Rory had a full rack of ribs which were great but huge, neither of us could finish them.

The night continued with the band and more drinks, the guys filtered off one by one until only a few remained. It was great to see Paul & Rory especially on the last night.

So the trip was almost over no more nights in hotels but still a short trip back home tomorrow, will the rain hold off for the final day, lets see.


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