We are staying at the Ramada Maingate West
Located at 7491 West Hwy 192, Kissimmee, Florida 34747

We have rated this establishment with a score of


Good facilities and cheap but dated and in need of updating"


It's Day12, 05/04/2013 and we are in Davenport, Florida 

We have ridden 129
 miles today, and have travelled 2045 in total to date.


So this is it, the last day of the trip, and all we need to do to complete it is get back from Daytona to Davenport some 100 miles. But the skies looked bad, could our last day be fraught with torrential rain or could we just be lucky enough to avoid it. We were in no hurry to leave which was good because at 10:00 am it was raining heavy. So we just hung around a bit and waited for the rain to stop. Eventually at about 10:45 it stopped completely but he skies still looked angry, not taking any chances we all wrapped up in our rain gear and fired up the bikes ready to depart.
Looking up it was not looking good and because of this we decided to take the scenic route to keep the speeds down a bit in case the rain got really heavy. Well after about 5 minutes we had a little drizzle of rain, just enough to cover your glasses and then it stopped. For the next hour we managed to avoid the rain almost as if we were riding away from the clouds regardless of where it would take us, it just so happened to be the right direction. We stopped for lunch about half way back. With just about 50 miles left surely we could not make it back dry, after lunch as we walked out the restaurant the skies looked to be clearer than when we arrived so we all decided to ditch the rain gear and assume the best, As the route back would have us run close to the Harley Store where Brian picked up his bike he decided that he would take the bike back today and ride the last 15 miles in the truck. So at about 1:45 we rolled into the parking lot of Clermont Harley Davidson absolutely bone dry, we had done it, we had ridden 2,000 miles and avoided the rain completely despite it being all around us.

Brian's face was a picture as he realised he was slipping of his trusty bright yellow bike that that would be the last time he rode it. He off loaded his personal belongings and transferred them to the truck.

After the bike was checked out and they were satisfied Brian had not dropped the bike or damaged it in any way we were ready to leave Clermont and ride the remaining 15 miles back to Jeff & Leisa house.

On the way back it had been arranged to stop off at a Tattoo parlour where Ken's wife Sandy was having a surprise tattoo along with Lorna and Leisa getting some addition work on their existing tattoo's. But when we got there only Leisa was in the chair the other girls had gone off to do some shopping so a quick text and they were on there way back to the shop.

A few minutes later we were all back together in the car park talking about the trip and catching up, that was when Ken noticed the bandage on sandy's wrist. She had surprised him alright but when Sandy revealed the tattoo iKen said "I thought your were getting a tattoo" Sandy had gone for a small butterfly as it was her first one, and Ken said it looked like a transfer. Sandy was happy with it.

So with all the surprises over we got back on our bikes for the last time and rode the few miles to Jeff and Leisa's house, arriving at about 3:00.

It was over 2013 Harley road trip done.

its been a surprise in many ways and not for all the right reasons, it started with bad weather pushing us south and abandoning the original route, and then we lost Paul to a Seway injury which involved Rory's wife Amanda which in turn meant that Rory could not complete the second portion of the trip as he had to look after Amanda, on a good side we had no breakdowns or any failures at all which is always good, and the weather could not get to us, everywhere we went we avoided the rain.

Watch out 2014.


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